• Extended Surface
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    Extended Surface

    experimental extending surface

    Research Project
  • Werkschau Exhibition 2013/14
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    Werkschau Exhibition 2013/14

    Exhibition for university graduates

    Interactive Installation, Website
  • Wedding Photography Munich
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    Wedding Photography Munich

    Minimalistic approach at corporate identity

  • The Spinning Timmy
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    The Spinning Timmy

    Interactive museum exhibition

    Interactive Installation


Slawa Gurevich

I'm a passionate interaction designer with a huge interest in everything that moves, blinks and interacts with the user in some way. Whether it's an interactive installation or a website. With every project I try to design with heart and thought for user experience. In the last few years I had the pleasure of working on many great projects, developing new skills and learning a lot of things in the process. I try to challenge myself everyday and engage in new projects.



One of the most important thing I have learned in the past is the importance of the concept phase for a project. It is the base of every successful outcome.

I will help you find the perfect concept for your product and guide you trough this crucial stage.


When designing for a project, I always try to deliver a thoughtful and unique user experience, whether it is an installation or a website.

There are no two leafs in this world that look alike, just as there are no two designs, that look the same. I always try to create a destinct visual language.


Yes, I also do heavy lifting! I am a JavaScript web-developer and have been programming for over 5 years.

For my interactive installations I use a mix of visual editors like VVVV and mix them with programming tools like Processing to achieve sophisticated results.


If you have any questions about my work or a project request, I'm always happy to help you out.

You can also visit me on




Extended Surface

Extended Surface is a research project done at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Its focus lies on solving the problem of limited space on handheld devices by extending the working space onto the surface beneath the device. From there users can interact with the device, receive emails or control music. The project is in it’s early development stage.


Services provided

ConceptCreative Coding

Technologies used


Werkschau Exhibition 2013/14

At the end of every semester the graduates of the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg present their bachelor’s and master’s projects during in an exhibition, the Werkschau. This biannual exhibition is attended by hundreds of people every year. For this project I worked in two teams, creating a website and an interacitve installation.

I tried to make the website user-friendly and follow the same visual language as the rest of the project. The installation consisted of four 2m wide triangles, representing the exhibition’s theme »heroes«, which create a lightning bolt when viewed from a certain angle, hanging from the ceiling behind the glass facade of the university’s design faculty.

October, 2013 – February, 2014

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ConceptSpatial DesignWeb Development

Technologies used


Wedding Photography Munich

David Friedmann is a Munich based photographer. As part of a rebrandig I created a new, simple and more representative logo, which focuses on a clear visual message and can be used as an unobstructive watermark.

The website was created with simplicity in mind and is centered around David’s photographs. It is easy to use, while suiting his style and profession.

May, 2014

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Corporate IdentityWeb DesignWeb Development

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The Spinning Timmy

The Spinning Timmy is my bachelor thesis, an interactive installation for the Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum in Augsburg that allows the visitor to visually experience the history of the textile industry in and around Augsburg since the beginning of the 20th century. By operating a spinning wheel visitors can control five projections, each showing the history of the textile industry. Each projection shows a different time period, starting in the 1920s and ending in our present time.

The spinning wheel is monitored by a microprocessor that sends data to VVVV which operates two projectors and maps the output to five individual textile canvasses.

February, 2014

Services provided

ConceptSpatial Design

Technologies used

Projection MappingVideo EditingVVVV